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Epilepsy Medical Meeting Presentations


Ettinger AB, Ottoman R, Lipton RB, Cramer J, Reed ML. Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms, Rates and Impact in Adults with Self-reported Epilepsy: Results from a National Epidemiological Survey of Epilepsy.  Presented at the American Epilepsy Society Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 30-December 4, 2012.


Cramer J, Ottman R, Lipton RB, Ettinger AB, Yang M, Reed ML, Wan GJ. Health Status Burden in Individuals with Self-reported Epilepsy from the National Survey of Epilepsy, Comorbidities, and Health Outcomes. Presented at the AES 63rd Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, December 4-8, 2009.


Wan GJ, Ottman R, Lipton RB, Ettinger AB, Cramer JA, Reed ML.  Comorbidities, Medication Use, and Proportion of Household Members With Reported Epilepsy or Seizure Disorder.  Presented at the AES 62nd Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, December 5-9, 2008.


Blum DE, Reed ML, Kustra RP, Metz A.  Prevalence of Major Affective Disorders and Manic/Hypomanic Symptoms in Persons with Epilepsy: A Community Survey. 2003.

Ettinger AB, Kanner AM, Kustra RP, Reed ML.  Depression In Persons with Epilepsy And Associated Findings From The Epilepsy Impact Project.  Presented at the APA, San Francisco, CA, May 17-22, 2003. 

Gibson PA, Cramer JL, Dean P, Ettinger AB, Blum DE, Reed ML. The Impact of Epilepsy on Women:  A Community-Based Survey.  2003.