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Migraine-related Nausea Increases Patients' Pain and Medical Costs. Article in Neurology Review, July 2012.  

Enrico Greppi Award 2012 presented to S. Ashina, D. Serrano, RB Lipton, M Maizels, AN Manack, CC Turkel, ML Reed and DC Buse in London on September 22, 2012.  The Italian Society for the Study of Headaches (SISC) sponsors the competition of the biennial Enrico Greppi Award which is granted to the best unpublished original paper dealing with clinical, epidemiological, genetic, pathophysiological or therapeutic aspects of headache in 2012.  The Enrico Greppi Award is partly supported through unrestricted educational grants by the Italian Patients Headache Alliance (LIC) and Pfizer S.r.l.